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Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Your Photo Session: NC Couple, Small Family, + Maternity Photographer

Updated: Apr 16

Let's be real - Our furry friends are a HUGE part of our lives! Life simply wouldn't be the same without them. Of course, we want them to be a part of this moment with us but HOW? What can we do to still have a stress free, fun experience while also bringing them along for the ride?

Welp, you've come to the perfect place today because I have a handful of GREAT tips for you. By the end of this blog you'll feel more confident, prepared, and excited going into your couples session with your furry friend(s)!!

1. Bring Treats and Water

Yes, pack a whole bag of treats if you need to (lol) and of course water! For water you can bring a travel dog bowl or a dog water bottle. We all know how much pups loveeeeeeee to be rewarded with treats. If your dog is trained to sit or "stay", bring their favorite treats for some extra encouragement and praise!

2. Bring Toys

Hearing a squeak or noise from their favorite toy can grab their attention quickly when I need it. Reward them with a treat like mentioned before!

3. Bring Waste Bags

This seems a bit obvious but if your pup uses the bathroom on site you'll want to be prepared to clean it up.

4. Pack your Best Leash and Collar

Most public places require dogs/pets to be on a leash so this is super important to prepare ahead of time. Unless you're on your own private property for a photo session, a leash and collar will be seen in your photos. With that being said, you'll want to bring/splurge on the best leash and collar you can find. I highly recommend keeping the color simple and neutral so that it won't distract from your outfits or the overall pictures.

5. Bring an Extra Lint Roller

Does your dog shed a lot? If so, a lint roller will come in great handy before your photo session.

6. Get Some Energy Out Beforehand

Let your pup run around, go for a walk, or play a game together like fetch to wear them out that way they'll be a little more calm before the photoshoot.

7. Bring HELP

Ask a family member or close friend to meet you at the location to help watch your pup when you're done taking photos, so that you don't have to worry about what they're doing the entire time. If you don't have a close friend or family member who can assist, reach out to a local pet sitter!

8. Confirm With Your Photographer

Make sure your photographer knows about your dog(s) and is okay with it along with the location you plan on going to for your session! Dogs are ALWAYS welcome to my couples sessions, however, it's important to communicate with your chosen photographer beforehand.

9. Have FUN

Let go of your expectations, have an open mind, and have some fun! Don't let stress take over and ruin your experience. If they're not perfectly behaved during your session, that's OKAY and normal. Most pups haven't been in front of the camera before so this is a new and exciting experience for them as well. You don't need to worry about getting the "perfectly posed" shots with your pup in front of the camera. As a matter of fact, the candid, unposed, imperfect moments are what make the BEST images! I encourage you to enjoy this time together and be present.

10. Bring Props

If you're wanting to add a little "pizzaz" to your session with your pup, bring some fun props! Some examples include the following: bandanas, flower crowns, greeny leashes or floral collars.

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